My Daily Web Development Tools

After reading a post on the IDE used by @skoop as one of the tools he uses in his everyday development, I felt inspired to do the same and hope that others find my individual set up useful to them.

The first and most obvious place to start, is that which is at the centre of the universe for a PHP developer, his IDE of choice and at present, that honour goes to PhpStorm.

Back in the day when I first started out coding in PHP I used PHPEdit. It was free and built around speed and productivity. I still miss their drop marks feature and surprised other IDEs have not incorporated this into their environments. Once it became commercial, I moved onto something else unmemorable, before adopting Zend Studio 5 and 5.5. Good days. I then persisted with Zend Studio 6 for Eclipse but refused to shell out for 7 and switched to Netbeans after hearing good things. I was happy for months until I started having performance issues. After failing to resolve this annoyance I finally moved onto PhpStorm and haven’t looked back.

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