Customising a Vagrant box with Veewee

In my job I’ve noticed that the number of web sites, applications and APIs keep growing and all need servers to run on. I’m not a Systems Administrator but being a lone developer I want to try and keep as much of my time focused on doing what I love, building great apps for people. To help combat the issue of managing multiple servers I started to experiment with Chef and I have to say, after a bit of a learning curve, I like it, or I like what it enables me to be getting on with.

Recently, I’ve been tasked with working alongside another developer and the topic of a development environment came up when working on an existing site. Until now I had my VM running on my laptop mirroring production as best as possible and I was happy but someone else now needed the same environment I had. In fact, my local development environment was more akin to a shared hosting platform. That is, I’m running multiple sites on my VM, simply because it was easier than launching a whole new VM and configuring it for each site. I didn’t want to give this guy a copy of my current VM since it would have all of my settings running on it and after playing with Chef for a bit, I came across Vagrant and knew that it supported provisioning with Chef and allows developers to share VMs. I also thought that I could now have a VM dedicated per website. With this in mind I got to work.

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